Transforming the Commercial Vehicle industry through custom made trucks for Indian roads

Investing in a new vehicle or fleet of vehicles is a major decision for any business and we at Varun Trucking are here to advise you on all aspects of your truck purchase, from chassis and body specification through to finance options and maintenance contracts. BharatBenz trucks are designed to provide high level of productivity with optimal cost of ownership.
Our Value Proposition


Varun Trucking, an authorized dealer of BharatBenz is committed to be an integral part of the advancement of the Indian economy by providing commercial mobility solutions that will accelerate the progress of business in India. Each BharatBenz truck is designed to provide the highest level of productivity with optimal total cost of ownership, thereby providing the best in Truck-o-nomics.

Fuel Mileage

Our engines do a tremendous job in offering clean and lean fuel consumption. In addition to that, BharatBenz has introduced many industry-first features that further enhance the vehicle’s mileage. We have made considerable improvements in some of the on-highway applications such as e-commerce, cement, where our trucks now offer up to 10% better fuel economy than their predecessors.

Safety and Comfort

We have never compromised on the safety and comfort of our driver partners. To ensure full safety, our new BSVI range offers features such as driver attention monitoring system and seat belt reminder. For the comfort of our driver partners, features such as air suspended seats, soft cruise, industry best heating and air conditioning system, music system, power windows and central locking have been incorporated.


Our Bharat Stage VI vehicles have been tested for over 50 lakhs kilometers across India. If reliability is on the top criteria for buying, the ultimate choice would be our Indian- adapted design along with our global expertise in Euro VI systems.

Maintenance Cost

Upholding our commitment to having the lowest ownership cost, we have improved our service interval from 50,000kms to 60,000kms on our Heavy Duty Trucks (HDT) and tractor range. Also, this increment in service intervals aids in the reduction of maintenance costs by 6%.


We offer connectivity solutions to manage your fleet by illustrating insights on driving and trips stats, vehicle health, vehicle tracking, and much more. Our dedicated tracking app Truckonnect brings all this information to your fingertips, helping you make quick and efficient business decisions.


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