About Varun Trucking

Varun Trucking, a BharatBenz Dealership of Varun Group was started in 2012. Varun Trucking is an authorized dealer for BharatBenz trucks and buses. We are present across 11 districts in Andhra Pradesh, with an overall market share of 30%-40%.

Varun Trucking has a dynamic team of 350+ trained professionals spread across Andhra Pradesh to assist our customers in their sales, service, and spare-related needs.

Daimler AG, the parent company of BharatBenz, is a world leader in manufacturing commercial vehicles, and now it's here for you to experience. The new BharatBenz trucks are equipped with world-class features that make them the ideal solution for all your logistics requirements. Tested to deliver the best fuel efficiency and low cost of ownership, these trucks help in maximizing savings and multiplying profits. BharatBenz’s portfolio includes a wide range of trucks and busses designed to give you more of everything.

Engineered with globally proven technology, best-in-class safety, and unmatched reliability, BharatBenz leads the transformation in the Indian CV Industry.

Our showrooms at Varun Trucking consist of state-of-the-art service and sales facilities. And, no matter where you are - on the road or back at home - our experts will always be available to lend a supporting hand.

About Varun Group

Varun Group is a renowned business conglomerate with successful entities in the Automobile, Auto Financing, Construction, Hospitality, and Entertainment sectors in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka.

Varun Group is the largest automobile dealership in India selling 1, 75,000 vehicles and servicing over 2 million vehicles annually. Varun Group is a preferred dealer for Bajaj Auto, Maruti Suzuki, JCB, BharatBenz, and other OEMs.

The group has been honored by various reputed organizations and state governments for its outstanding performance and regulatory compliance. Varun Group enjoys a clean track record with Central and State Governments and has an impeccable financial record with all the lenders.

Management Team



Mr. V Prabhu Kishore

Mr. V. Varun Dev



Mr. Subba Rao, Executive Director, Varun Trucking




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