BharatBenz Exchange: The best platform to Buy or Sell used trucks

March 1, 2021


While the economies are still recovering from the after-effects of the pandemic, the trucking sector has seen a surprise spurt of growth in the used trucks segment. Consumers these days, along with new trucks are  considering the option of buying the used ones. However, most of them are  reluctant to take that decision because of the lack of organized used truck retail platform in India.

BharatBenz understands the needs of Indian commercial vehicle consumers and offers a trusted and reliable platform to buy or sell pre owned trucks through BharatBenz Exchange. BharatBenz Exchange is an exclusive program introduced to make the process involved in exchanging used vehicles less challenging, transparent and seamless.

How will BharatBenz Exchange be helpful for buyers?

BharatBenz is one of India’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers and provides buyers with a carefully picked pool of used trucks to choose from. Every truck listed on the BharatBenz Exchange platform undergoes numerous quality checks and is certified by trained professionals. A comprehensive background check is done to inspect the vehicle history and registration documents.

Due to long-distance deliveries and continuous functioning, commercial vehicles are exposed to all kinds of risks such as accidents, major wear and tear and unanticipated breakdowns. BharatBenz Exchange has tie-ups with financiers and insurance companies who ensure the smooth functioning of their businesses without any interruption.

In addition to that, it also offers consumers an option to buy an extended warranty and annual maintenance subscription for assurance.

Will BharatBenz Exchange be convenient for sellers?

BharatBenz Exchange ensures the best resale value for used vehicles in the market. The trucks listed on this platform are valued based on rigorous assessments performed by certified technicians. The evaluation is followed by a seamless documentation process that involves no brokerage or third-party interference.

BharatBenz Exchange operates with the lowest turnaround time and offers consumers a transparent and trustworthy experience. Mr. Rajaram Krishnamurthy, Vice President Marketing & Sales and Customer Service of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (makers of BharatBenz) has also commented on the efficiency of BharatBenz Exchange as:

“With BharatBenz Exchange, used vehicle sellers and buyers no longer have to haggle over the right price or worry about incomplete paperwork. Our trained experts will ensure that both parties have the best customer experience. We see enormous potential here to show even more customers the quality of BharatBenz products and services. This also ensures the complete lifecycle of the vehicle is taken care of.” 

BharatBenz understands the residual value of your vehicle and hence offers a reliable, efficient and safe platform to exchange pre-owned trucks.

Varun Trucking is the only authorized dealer for BharatBenz in Andhra Pradesh. Our strategically placed facilities spread across 11 districts are equipped with modern equipment and express service stations which ensure the lowest turnaround time. Driven by a team of 350+ trained professionals, Varun Trucking is your partner for lifetime and beyond.

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