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Well- trained Service Staff

The service professionals in Varun Trucking are trained by the professionals in BharatBenz team. The trained technicians are very particular about the quality of service we offer to our customers. Our technicians can handle scheduled services and complex repairs with ease.

6- years Warranty

Varun Trucking, being the trusted dealer of BharatBenz ensures that the products used are best in the industry and completely complying to the BharatBenz standards.  The products used are engineered with globally proven technology and helps in reducing the total cost of ownership. The products are also protected under a warranty period giving you value for money.    

High Productive Express Bays & Speed fix

Varun Trucking has 12 bay repair centres equipped with specilised tools and equipments which will help you to save on repair time. We understand that your since your trucks are almost always on the move and have little time to spare, our exclusive express bays are there for their immediate servicing needs.

Digital Technical Information Platform

All our workshops have a touch-enabled, multilingual interface called After Sales Central (ASCENT) . This interface enables our technicians to stay up-to-date with the functionality of the aggregates used and have complete access to the necessary information while they are working on an issue.

Special Tools & Equipment

Varun Trucking uses  specialized tools for tricky repairs and special equipment to carry aggregate repairs as suggested by BharatBenz. We do not compromise on the service quality which has enabled us to give best service and we ensure that your  trucks are handled with the best of care and the latest in auto repair technology.

Onsite Services

BharatBenz is providing various innovative ways to provide customized service options. We have container workshops, Dial-a-service, Mobile Service Vans, Mobile Reach Vans to keep up with the expected time for repairing. Varun Trucking with its service centres in 8 locations is up for the game.

Maintenance Pack

The customizable maintenance pack offered by BharatBenz will let you choose from the different service packages. Our team at Varun Trucking will help you to choose the right package for a hassle-free regular and timely maintenance.

Extended Warranty

An extended warranty additionally reinforces the standard warranty and ensures better cost-effectiveness. Under this warranty the entire drive line ie; engine, transmission and rear-axel are covered. This can enhance the durability of your vehicle.

Advance Diagnostic System

The Advance Diagnostic System will help you to identify the problems that may arise in the future. The diagnostic system will help you to troubleshoot the problems quickly and effectively. Trained technicians in Varun Trucking will help the customers to avoid any unforeseen problems.

ProServ App

ProServ is now in the palm of your hand for your ease and convenience that provides you all comprehensive product specifications and service support information at the tip of your finger. Reach out to Varun Trucking, an authorized dealer of BharatBenz on 1234567880 for services, BharatBenz genuine parts, genuine lubes and tools to handle all kinds of breakdowns for 24×7 on-road assistance and technical support.

Varun Trucking, an authorized dealer of BharatBenz ensures quality services and facilities. Our dealerships outlet is spread across Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Nellore, Rajahmundry, Guntur, Ongole, Cuddapha, Chittoor and Bhimavaram. We are committed to provide the best service.
• Well- trained Service Staff
• Digital Technical Information Platform
• Special Tools & Equipment with 6- years Warranty
• High Productive Express Bays & Speed fix
• Onsite Services
• Customized Maintenance Package
• Extended Warranty
• Advanced Diagnostic System
• ProServ App
• 24×7 Customer Support

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