BharatBenz Truckonnect – the best way to track your business!

March 22, 2021


Businesses flourish when monitored and regulated properly. Receiving timely updates, reports and safety alerts are much important in carrying your business to the next level. It gets even more relevant when you are in the logistics and transport industry.

BharatBenz understands these requirements and has accordingly developed a custom-built platform – Truckonnect. It offers complete control over your fleet and helps you to manage the business efficiently. Here are some of the key features of this application:

1. Find my Truck – As you can already guess, this feature is all about tracking the exact positions of your trucks. The app is linked with google maps and updates the smallest of movements in real-time.

2. Geo-Fencing – This intriguing feature lets you mark a predefined area in google maps which then can be used as a geofence to track to movements of trucks. If any truck goes beyond this area, an immediate notification is sent to owners through the portal or email.

3. Route Playback – You can now select any truck from your fleet and retrace the whole path covered by the truck for that particular trip. It helps to track down any unnecessary diversions taken by your diver en route to the destination.      

4. Fuel Monitoring – Truckonnect has a separate fuel monitoring section that reflects overall fuel mileage and consumption of all the trucks in the fleet on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It also lets you know about any unusual fuel drops through immediate alert notifications.

5. Remote Diagnostics – Unexpected breakdowns can hamper your business big time. Truckonnect ensures that your trucks are running in their best condition and are monitored 24×7. In case of any irregularities, you are sent an immediate action notification.

6. Drive Score – It is one of the most interesting features of Truckonnect. It generates an aggregate score for drivers based on how frequently the truck was suddenly accelerated, crossed the set speed limit, applied sudden breaks and was kept idle on the whole journey.

7. Detailed Reports – In addition to all these features, you can also download and monitor various customized reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Truckonnect from BharatBenz is a feature that aids truck owners in the most innovative ways. Its super handy and illustrative interface is easy to use and navigate. Moreover, you can always sign up for a demo session from BharatBenz official website.

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